A woman as a coach?

It doesnt matter where you come from, what color your skin is, what geneder or age you are.
You still have  the mission in life. To live life to its fullest.
Dont be scared, fear is painful when it stops you from achieving whatever goals you have in life.

You have an inner strength thats just waiting for you to recognize and start using it.

I used to chaoch a boys soccer team, all the years between 6- 19 years old. I still get offers to coach abult mens team, even tho Im a female myself.
Yet nobody belived in me at first, and all those people not beliving in me blamed anything that went wrong on me being a female.
I doubted myself at times, I truly did.
I laid in bed wide awake trying to find solutions.
And today Im angry about that, I mean furious. Why did I ever let their words grow in my brain?

If some of the boys missbehaved at a practice, others blamed it all on me being female.
When the same thing happened in another team around the same age, in the same club nobody blamed it on the man coaching that team. Then it was just bad behaviour by  the players.
Weird, isnt it?

It took a toll on me, I must admit, I was prepared to give up for a while since clubmanagement didnt trust me.
At a time I was one of the most educated trainers in the club.
Trainers from younger generations asked me for advice ever once in a while, the older generations shook their head.

I kept the players that other people in the club had decided wasnt even worth staying in the club (we were only supposed to have the best players in our club). 
I decided that even at the age of 15 these players hadnt shown their full potential yet. 
I bet you wonder why I would do that, right?

The answer is simple, they had never gott3en the same chance from any coach as those players that were the best in hteir agegroup.
They didnt have any confidence in themselves and that made them underachieve and make misstakes in the games, over and over again.

I was questioned even at Gothia Cup by two german trainers (real gentlemen otherwise) how I, as a female could be a coach for a boys team aged 16?

I didnt have the time to think about it then but today I am the one shaking my head about it.

My players new that whatever I said was what they had to live by. Because if they didnt no other coach they had ever had even been close to being as strict in judgment as I were.
On the other habe, no other coach had given them the same amount of trust and responsibilities as I did.

I`ll tell you more about it another time, my time on the computer is running out for the moment.

But what I wanted you to remember is that noone has any right to judge you, doesbt matter where you come from or who you are.
If you have a dream - go for it.
Set goals and achieve them, you will grow to someone stronger and better then you ever belived you cold be!